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Learn and understand how to compose your own music, and expand you improvisation skills. Every musician will get new inspiration from this app, beginner or expert.


Music has the power to create strong sensations in the hearts and minds of the listeners, and I'm sure you have experienced this yourself. It seems like magic, and it is.


But there is also a kind of scientific side to it, that will only prevail to you, if you are a musician and are curios about understanding the essence of the musical mechanisms involved.


A simple melody can be transformed to a joyful, mellow, odd-sounding or even boring tune, depending on what chords the melody is accompanied with. Of cause, rhythms, beat, instrument timbre and other characteristics of the tune also each plays their part. But in the center of it all, is the tunes polyphony, determined by the chord-progression driving the flow of the melody.


These apps will help you navigate the ways of music.

The Composer App


If you have the melody, this app will help you adding just the right chords to give it the groove and temperament that you would like.


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The Chord Cruiser App


If you don't really have a specific melody in mind, and just want to play around, jam a little, or make you own cool chord-progression, this app is your best friend.


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The Exerciser App


This app can be your teacher, your study partner, your skills practitioner, you metronome frantic speed exerciser. It will keep time and tuning, and throw all kinds of odd chord-progressions at you, so you better be ready, pay attention, and give it your best

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